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Soluções InfraDigital
Platform DXP B2C, B2B, Marketplace In and Out
Soluções InfraDigital
Seller Center and B2B Hub
Soluções InfraDigital
Stock broker and Order Management
Soluções InfraDigital
Omnichannel Solutions (platform, POS and SOF)
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Features InfraShop

Platform DXP B2C, B2B, Marketplace In and Out

  • Connection with any sales channel and creating unique and integrated experiences for your customer.
  • Single, flexible, highly configurable and intelligent experience delivery across all channels.
  • Use of predictive algorithms, tracking the journey of activities, interactions and locations throughout the buying cycle to anticipate customer expectations.
  • Implementation of applications for B2B buyers and sellers with usability and experience focused on each user profile.
Features InfraShop

Seller Center and B2B Hub

  • Digitization of B2B sales channels.
  • Fast integration of sellers and distributors to your sales channels.
  • Connection of your business operation to multiple marketplaces and instant start of sales.
  • Management of performance indicators, sales, sellers and vendors and parameterization of own business rules for management and operation of the entire supply chain.
Features InfraShop

Omnichannel Solutions (platform, POS and SOF)

  • Payment, operations and technology solutions with business capacity and vision.
  • Native Omnichannel POS solution with endless aisle capabilities that allow selling products from multiple sources and PWA Technology without operating system restrictions.
  • Split payments and orders, management and parameterization of commissions (sellers, franchises, etc.), coupons, vouchers and connected and integrated promotional actions.
  • Solutions developed with a focus on user experience and efficiency of operations.
  • Exploration of new demand points in a more agile way and with less need for investment through the implementation of Guide Shops, Pop up Stores, among others.
Features InfraDigital

Stock broker and Order Management

  • Management of the entire journey and lifecycle of Omnichannel orders.
  • Solution with its own invoicing engine, high flexibility of fiscal parameters, order tracking management, printing of shipping labels, centralized payment of GNRE guides and monitoring of performance indicators for each of its stores.
  • AI, machine learning, and sourcing solutions to achieve greater agility and less out-of-stock.
  • Transforming store chains into advanced pick-up points close to the customer for delivery in minutes and picking up orders from any channel.
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