Like a virtual shopping mall, merchants may register and sell, having the responsibility for delivery and operation, with the benefit of promoting their products on consolidated websites on the market, which are dedicated to bringing traffic and exposure to their brand and increasing sales.


With our exclusive HUB Marketplace, integrate your store with the main marketplaces on the market and increase your exposure and sales, through platforms already consolidated on the market.

Customer acquisition

Campaigns dedicated to new sales in marketplaces enable and generate new consumers for your store. Be where your customer is!


Being connected to the main marketplaces on the market, your brand and product has increased visibility.

Sales Growth

Integrate your store with the main marketplaces on the market and offer a new sales channel, increasing your revenue without generating new hiring costs.

Reduced Operating Costs

Increase your product range and mix without increasing operating costs. Partner merchants are responsible for managing their own products and orders.

Benefits of being a Marketplace

Client Service

A team with digital commerce and omni-channel expertise. The KA will be the specialist responsible for your brand.

50% Marketplace

50% of Full Service works with marketplaces - the trend is that 56% of all worldwide transactions will be via Marketplaces.


Add renowned virtual stores to your network through the marketplace and increase your e-commerce conversion rate and credibility.

Product Mix

By selling products offered by other stores, you increase your product mix, you may reach new audiences and provide better service to already loyal customers.


Rely on partners, each brand manages its own inventory. Increase your product mix without the need for investment.


Facilitate purchase of supplementary products offered by your partners and
increase your customers’ satisfaction.

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