The business solution for Infracommerce business. With all its expertise acquired in the B2C market, Infracommerce has developed optimized and exclusive strategies to meet the requirements of companies and merchants.

Credit limit

Exclusive Infracommerce service, credit evaluation is performed
through CNPJ.

Distributor hub

As our major differential, our customers are all part of an
integration network of distributors.

Approval of registration information

Fully regulated by the Tax Authority, in addition to evaluation of the distributors’ tax address.

Order repeats

To avoid having to redo the shopping cart at every order, the
Infra system has the repeat function for purchases made before.

Payment methods

In addition to the major payment methods, such as credit card, it is possible to pay via invoiced billing.


We work with two options: Detailed delivery information or binary form (if there is available stock or not)

Shopping cart simulation

Before closing the order, we optimize the shopping
cart to your needs, by choosing the priority between price or lead time.


Purchases may be limited or divided into various purchases and billed separately.

B2B Service

Considering the B2B buying journey is different, customer service for businesses is also carried
out in a separate process from B2C. The differentials include:


Have a specialist Key Account in your business area and 24h service.

Assisted sales

Simplified login, via CNPJ and access to browsing, closing an
order and assisted sales reports

Bonus kit

Discount offers and differentiated product list to favor the marketing mix.

Kit Bonificado

A fim de favorecer o mix de marketing, a empresa pode dar um percentual de desconto ao comprar produtos diferenciados dentro de uma lista.

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