From platform, with guaranteed uptime and security, to solutions for the Operations and Marketing and Design departments. Our architecture has been developed for an Omnichannel engagement, to enhance your
brand and expand your business operations in a fast, simple and secure way.


The Infracommerce platform operates with state-of- the-art technology to manage your business.
From system development, to digital marketing and logistics solutions, the platform is aimed at omnichannel engagement, to enhance the value of your brand and provide an excellent service, either through modular solutions or Full Service.

  • B2C

    Robust and scalable platform, optimized for SEO, and an
    unlimited number of options for promotions that allow for the perfect buying

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  • B2B

    Our platform offers seamless solutions to industry, distributors
    and wholesalers for their products. Reach all your customers.

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  • B2E

    Efficient and secure solutions for your industry to conduct sales
    targeted at a specific segmented audience with exclusive access.

  • Hub Marketplace

    Integrate your store with the major players and
    increase your exposure and sales through platforms already established on
    the market.

  • SAAS

    Lightweight solution that ensures a modern look and friendly UX, without
    compromising performance

  • Admin

    User-friendly and complete administrative panel, ensuring full control
    and transparency

  • Scalability

    Technology prepared for your business growth, with robustness
    and precision.

  • Support

    We have the best support tools to improve services at all times


The Infracommerce platform is one of the best on the market when it comes to promotion structure requirements. Choose from a wide range of promotion templates that allow for creating scenarios and benefits according to the profile of your customers. Offer a benefit that will create customer loyalty, for example,
coupons, gifts and discounts in the shopping cart and much more.


Architecture developed focusing on mobile platform experience and usability. Intuitive layout, adapted synchronization and checkout

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Back Office

Having as its mission the full management of your e-commerce, the Infracommerce Back Office is based on efficiency and security. The user interface has been optimized to meet your needs, in addition to offering a wide variety of activities within the system, such as:

Promotion management

Exclusive Infracommerce functionality for
differentiated promotion management.

Integration with Marketplace Hub

Platform integrated with more than
20 marketplaces of the major players on the market and optimized to
manage your sales with greater ease.

Budget control

Manage campaign budget directly in the Back Office.


Count on the solutions that Infracommerce provides to integrate all your sales channels and allow for an exceptional buying experience for your customer, both online and offline. To be omni-channel is to have a panoramic view of the purchase journey and understand all the needs, buying trends and how loyal your customer can be to your brand.


Modular solutions from Infracommerce allow for overall operational integration with other systems (marketing, blog, etc.), applications (ERP, WMS, CRM, etc.) and new development features, in addition to a full list of integration APIs.



Up to 200 orders/minute by independent measurements.


Modern and hybrid servers, scalable to the cloud.


Own infrastructure. Better security and SLA.

Full Service

Technology is just one part of the full service that Infracommerce offers for your online store. Meet Full Service, the solution for those looking for integrated management that truly plans, creates and executes.