SAC - Customer Service

The differential in Infracommerce service is to create a REAL relationship between customer and brand through staff trained and specialized in the industry

  • Complete operation

    Pre-sales, after-sales and customer recovery service.

  • Specialized staff

    We have segment specialist professionals - (fashion,
    technology, etc.)

  • Bilingual service

    In addition to Portuguese and English, we work in several
    other languages, ensuring international service.

  • Media channels per customer

    Focus on the channels that really bring return to your customers: communications via chat, email and WhatsApp, in addition to social networks such as Facebook, Instagram.

  • Personalized service

    Staff trained considering each brand’s service handbook, to create an effective relationship bridge.

  • Systems integration

    Ensures that the back-office and platform work together with email, chat, phone, etc.


Physical structure fully adapted pursuant to Regulatory Standard No.17


The Infracommerce relationship staff engage with full transparency and constant improvement, through regular monitoring and follow-up of performance indicators.

  • Reasons leading to contacts and exchange and return processes per requested item.

  • Regular monitoring processes, with action plans on improvement points analyzed.

  • Constant training on brand, communication tone, processes, products, arguments and written and oral communication improvements, aimed at
    quality and enchantment during contact.

  • seconds of average waiting time (WT)

  • average response time

  • Dropout rate

  • average service time

  • Reclame Aquí Seal

  • Average reversal time

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