How does your target relate with your brand?
Offer each customer a customized experience and advance your business.

Enrich the entire purchase flow of your customer.

Develop specific marketing strategies for each group, with no segmentation limit.

  • Channel integration

    360º communication ensuring continuity and omni-channel communication.

  • Communication according to profile

    Dynamic management of
    consumer clusters of your brand.

  • Email management

    With our management and triggering platform, your brand has effective interaction with its base.

  • SMS Management

    In addition to emails and social networks, SMS is another major penetration channel with optimized cost

  • Browsing

    User experience is considered throughout the whole buying process.

  • Buying journey

    From the welcome email through after-sales, monitoring the sales funnel is an important task in our CRM.

Segment your base into several profiles

It is possible to break down your base by profile, gender, age, behavior, region, among other possibilities.

Customize the look & feel of your store

Direct your banner and content communications specifically to each customer segment of your store, optimizing usability and user experience.

Segmented floating shopping cart and checkout

Access the shopping cart without losing the purchase flow and customize banners and messages throughout the whole process, thus generating greater conversion in your store.

Self-service for each customer

Customize “My Account” area for different segments.

Landing pages and hot sites

Develop intuitive and functional pages specifically targeted to certain customer groups.

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