Full Service

From planning to after-sales. Potentiate your conversion with a complete and integrated management that plans, creates and executes your e-commerce operation. Learn about the Infracommerce Full Service, the perfect management to leverage sales and your virtual business potential.


A secure platform with ClearSale antifraud, robust, supporting 200 requests per minute. Is flexible, meets the requirements of multiples digital business types.

  • B2B/B2C/B2E

    Efficient solutions in any device, + 450 features to meet the needs and demands of your audience.

  • Marketplace Plataform

    Developed APIs, native integration with partners, and simplified management Get plugged in to partners and increase your sales.

  • Marketplace Hub

    Integration with more than 20 leading players in the market and with technology to manage your sales more easily.

  • Omnichannel

    Attend your client in any environment, online and offline, with solutions that allow you to buy wherever you are.

  • User Experience

    Focused on experience, we have the best tools on the market. From mobile optimization to usability testing and heatmaps.

  • BI/ CRM

    Testing and optimization of audience, content, dynamic delivery and campaigns aimed at generating high ROI rates.

  • Strategy

    Our experts develop plans to increase your online presence and improve the positioning of your brand.


Elected as the Best Operation by E-commerce Brasil 2017 awards, we offer the best services in Logistics, Online Payment, Customer Service and Content.

  • Logistics

    More than 30,000 m2 of secure storage area, WMS and 99.5% of accurate inventory

  • Payment

    100% secure. Robust gateway and reconciliation system guarantees your receivables and advanced payment process.

  • Customer Service

    Fully integrated service for pre-sale, after-sale or customer recovery.

  • Photo and video

    We have created the perfect environment with Visual Merchandising to attract more customers to the brand.


Professionals with multidisciplinary qualifications and expertise managing your business for all its verticals aligned with the more significant operational KPIs. Customized and centralized service, efficient and simplified deliveries. Scale that brings costs down.