The new online distribution channel, developed in partnership with Infracommerce, aims to attend to minor retailers who have difficulty to supply due to distributors reduced attendance.

Imagens-Conteudo-Unilever2Unilever has made the debut of its e-commerce, B2B, to sell the brand’s product. The project, implemented in partnership with Infracommerce, leading company on full-service to e-commerce, aims to attend to small retailers who have difficulties to supply their stores. According to the company’s estimates, there are thousands outlets in that scenario, due to partial attendance, or non-attendance, by the brand’s distributors where they are located in.


According to Gregory Perez, Infracommerce Account Manager, this public receives less visits from representatives than they really needed to, especially for their being clients with more recurrent purchase demand, due to a smaller storage capacity and long-term sales prediction.


Besides that, in more remote regions, retailers are not mapped to receive visits and so they need to make themselves to local wholesales to supply. “Compra Unilever is a sales channel which aims to offer resupply at any time of the day and straight from your computer screen or smartphone, ensuring more convenience to the retailer”, explains the executive.


Imagens-Conteudo-Unilever1Other facilities offered by the plataform are: you can browse through lists of products suggested by Unilever according to the size of the your market, through a webpage with tips to retailers and exclusive promotional kits at the channel. “We aim to, besides making the purchase process easier, bring benefits to the retailers so his/her business becomes more competitive, through a mix of well chosen products and well displayed too”, highlights Perez.


To make an order at their virtual store, the retailer needs to register himself/herself at the website, providing the store’s data and the name of the person responsible for it. Afterwards, the customer can surf through the store, choose products and have access to pre-made lists. Price can change according to the ZIP code registered.


Currently Compra Unilever attends to São Paulo State area. The company has already made plans to increase coverage area. Furthermore, the major part of Unilever’s mix of products has already been made available to purchase, such as Food and Drink, Personal Care and House Care.