Única loja oficial no Brasil, com mais de 1.300 modelos diferentes de óculos no sortimento, (incluindo óculos de sol, óculos de grau e óculos infantis) e 20 modelos exclusivos disponíveis apenas no site.

Customers can now customize their glasses through the brand’s webpage and receive them at home

RB-LollaJust selling through an online channel is not enough to customers anymore. To offer an unique sales experience makes all the difference when it comes to loyalty to e-commerce. Having that in mind, Infracommerce, leading company on full service to e-commerce in Latin America, and Ray-Ban, one of the biggest eyeglasses brand in the world, have just created Ray-Ban Remix at its e-commerce. Through the website, customers can choose their eyeglasses model and size, lenses colors and frame, customizing the product to their preference and necessity.

“Infraccomerce is responsible for all the integration system of the tool to the brand’s office and factory in Italy”, explains Igor Neves, the company’s account manager. That’s why, unlike the traditional models developed in Brazil, Ray-Ban Remix is produced in Italy.

That way, the order is sent to Italy, where the product is manufactured in just a day and sent back to Brazil. When in the country, Infracommerce manages its delivery to clients, as well as possible exchanges or returns. Besides that, according to Neves, all the flows and financial information of order to the new model are alligned to the Italian team.



RB-RemixRay-Ban Remix

With this tool, the company offers users the oportunity to acquire a customized model without leaving their houses. Furthermore, Ray-Ban still offers the option of cutomizing glasses’ temples and cases with names or sentences on it, for instance.

Another tool that promisses to chance the way customers buy is Ray-Ban Virtual Mirror, which accesses the client webcam and, through it, captures the face of the person trying the eyeglasses on, as if it were a mirror at an eyeglasses shop.


Aplicativo Remix